Hans Fitness Diary #3

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Hey everyone, month three of my fitness diary and this month has probably been the month I have gone most off track. In my two weeks away I still went to the gym but obviously I treated myself now and again. Eating 50/50 didn't ruin my time away at all, it made it easy to get back into things when home! So my boyfriend and I have now started a new fitness and eating plan. We are on week 2/12 and will post photos and info when we are done.

My Favourite Meal

If any of you have Joe Wicks's first book, you have to try the chicken and chorizo mozzarella stir fry thing. We had it last week and it was delicious. It's so cheap to make and really filled us up, I almost couldn't eat my snack!

My Favourite Snack

We have two snacks a day and a shake after our workout. At the moment, I'm enjoying yogurt as a snack (low/ 0 fat greek) with berries or honey. 

My Favourite Exercise

Following our new plan, it's great because I'm mixing up routines and trying new things. I'm enjoying side lat raises to work my shoulders. I can't go heavy at all, but I can feel it working my little shoulders like crazy, try it out and feel the burn!

Fitness Instagrams I'm Loving

Gianni.sf is a down to earth, fitness instagram who keeps things real and snaps everything, the good and the bad. He is an inspiration who posts naughty food and the food he eats when training, I have learnt a lot from him, you could to.

Fitness Worth Noting

Okay, so I have ordered some new supplements so I'll let you know how I get on with them but my creatine is giving my wings in the gym I swear. But I will start taking my BCAA's this month to help with recovery and hopefully stop my aching the next day because this programme should be called the aching programme or something.

Fitness Progress

Holidays aside, since starting this plan, our eating has been on point! I have never eaten this well and my fitness instagram has hit 200 followers after two months, thank you everyone who followed me!

If there is anything else you want me to include in these posts, please let me know. Don't forget to follow my motivation Pintrest board here and my fitness board which is full of workouts here. Also, I have created a new fitness Instagram so I can keep my blog Instagram separate (I was unhappy with the mis-mash feed). Go and give it a follow @hanrosefitness (link here).

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