Keeping Balanced On Holiday

When you go on holiday, you may use that as an excuse to eat very unhealthily, not even go for a walk or a swim and let all your hard work hit the fan. Now of course we overindulge on holiday, but there are ways to keep it balanced and not leave you feeling guilty and as if you've done something wrong. I've been to Malta and right now I'm in Cyprus and with careful planning I feel as if I've got the whole healthy on holiday thing down to a T. So here is a guide you can follow while on holiday next...

1. Bring your own snacks.

To some people, this may sound like way too much, but if all you can snack on is ice-cream, your body isn't going to thank you. Check out if there is a local supermarket nearby and plan to buy some snacks you  may need. I suggest things like almonds, fruit, yogurt if you have a fridge, hard-boiled eggs or cheese sticks. If you can't find a supermarket before hand, bring almonds, snack bars and dried fruit instead.

2. Schedule your workouts into your day.

If you know you are going sightseeing in the afternoon, get up 45 minutes before breakfast or do it after and try and keep the weight off. Source out the nearest gym, pack your trainers and plan what you want to do each day while away. It may be a four day session, (which out of the whole week really isn't much) of upper body, lower body, full body and a cardio session. Mix it up, go for a walk, do it in the evening, or do 45 minutes of swimming but please make sure you're enjoying it.

3. Resist overindulging every single day.

I'm not saying deprive yourself of the local foods that you may never get the chance to eat again, but there is a difference between treating yourself on holiday and taking it too far. If you know the theme is Mexican in the evening and you go cray for burritos like me, eat lighter a lunch and have chicken, rice and salad. My rule is to make sure there is something green on every plate.

4. Don't throw your calories away on alcohol.

Please don't give in to four pina coladas by the pool, instead have one and three glasses of wine or a vodka soda and lime. Cocktails have hundreds of calories in them, of which I'd rather use up on foreign delicacies.

5. Stay hydrated.

If you are in a hot country, you will be sweating more and probably drinking more alcohol, so you'll need to drink plenty of water. What I do is, for every alcoholic beverage I drink, I'll have a glass of water.

6. Keep focused on the holiday, not the food.

Don't overthink it and end up counting calories on holiday, be smart. If you are worrying about whether it's balanced or not, you're not going to enjoy yourself.

If you need any extra help or advice, please send over a message and enjoy your holidays!

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