The Flawless Base

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When I apply make makeup, I spend the most time on my base, in order to make the rest of my makeup look fabulous. These four products all help to make my skin look flawless.

Urban Decay Complexion Prep Spray* | £23

I was sent this a few months ago and I still use it as a holygrail product. Similar to the Urban Decay setting spay, but it’s way underrated. You spay it on after your moisturiser before any other makeup and it minimises your pores, my skin feels to feel tighter but not dehydrated in the slightest. It also reduces the redness around my nose slightly, which helps the start rest of the base products to reduce redness and give me a flawless face.

L’Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer | £9.99

After seeing Lydia Millen (one of my favourite Youtubers) use this a good year or two ago I bought it as it promised. It’s a pearly coloured primer that seems to make my skin glow and dewy but not in a shiny way. I love the dewy look and this primer helps my achieve it.

Vichy Dermabland 3D Correction Foundation* | £21.50

After reviewing the other Vichy foundation I was sent, they kindly sent me over their new foundation last week. I’ve had some time to try it out. Their makeup line is established to aid those with skin problems/ conditions to achieve that perfect makeup look. The new Fluid Correction Foundation is not a liquid as the other is, but a whipped cream texture. I haven’t used a whipped cream foundation since the good old Maybelline days! The tube is a gorgeous matte finish with the shiny logo as you can see in the picture. As the product is a tube, you have full control over how much product comes out.

The whipped texture aims to level and cover indented scars and acne bumps in 1 layer. I don’t personally suffer with any skin conditions, but who doesn’t have the odd blemishes/ breakouts? It covers any imperfections/ redness or spots I have. My trusty Real Techniques brush is too dense for this, so a flat foundation brush is the best to apply this foundation. Because it’s thick, I only use a tiny bit. It’s high coverage and perfect for any type of skin.

Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray | £5

I can’t rave about this product enough, I can literally feel the spray stick the makeup to my face. As gross as that sounds, it’s not as if you can’t take your makeup off, you totally can. But I can see a huge difference to the staying power of my makeup, even after a night out full of dancing.

I feel like the Vichy foundation really makes this base look professional and flawless. Would you try this foundation out?

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