The Perfect Bath Duo

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I rarely take baths, but when I do I make sure it's surrounded by candles, smells amazing and even looks good. Finding the right products can be difficult, so I'm recommending two products that work together like Nutella on my porridge.

Summerdown Mint Bath Soak in Lemongrass and Mint | £15*

I've never used a bath soak, I usually stick to bath bombs or bubble bath. I was sent this bath soak from a company called Summerdown Mint, which do oils, tea, chocolate and also body and bath products. This bath soak is lemongrass and mint, so I poured a big drop of it into my running bath and waited for my bath to smell like lemon and mint. The room smelt gorgeous and when I got in, I relaxed and it make my skin so soft, soothed and very moisturised. It contains cleansing ingredients and aloe vera to care for your skin and also regenerative borage seed oil. Everything in here is natural, which is great because i am always weary of harmful products in my bath.

The bottle contains a lot of product, so it will last me for a while. It does not contain sulfates, parabens, PEGs, petrochemical or artificial colourings. It isn't a bubble bath but I did create some bubbles. Using this gave me a luxurious body wash that I knew wasn't harsh, perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Miss Patisserie- Rainbow River | £3.95*

When I attended the Miss Patisserie blogger event in Cardiff a few months back, it is a bath company that I say could rival Lush (if you haven't tried any of their products out, I strongly suggest you pop in or order online). We were kindly given goody bags. In mine was this incredible looking bath bomb.  The Rainbow River does exactly what it's supposed to do, creates a rainbow river. I cut it in half, as I figured it was rather large and dropped it into my full bath after I added the bath soak. Miss Patisserie says it is taking you back to the 70s with a psychedelic bath filled with peace and serenity, and is scented with lavender and a pinch of shimmer.

It works its magic quickly and creates a bath that looks like a rainbow river and smells like lavender but isn't overpowering. It really calms me, especially with the soothing bath soak together.

These two products put together are a dream, especially just before bed, I had the most amazing sleep after I had this bath. I bet I have really made you want a bath now, right?

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