4 Ways To Make Time For Fitness

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After working full time in London for a week, I appreciate that people who are in school 9-3, work 8-5 or who are busy. It’s true you cannot stop the clock to fit in a workout, but I guarantee there are definitely extra minutes in your schedule you could use (if there aren’t, I owe you a cocktail!).  Here are some ways to actually make time to go for a walk or hit up the gym.

Plan In Time

In your diary (go back a step if you don’t have one and buy one please) write down everything you o for a few days and the timing of it.  You may find out that there is spare time- hurray! You may be surprised at the spare chunks of time you have.

Turn Aeroplane Mode On

Yup, you read that right. Think of all the time you spend in your day scrolling your thumb down your phone (have a look at your timing schedule) and what you could be doing with an hour of that- you could even do the scrolling on the stepper in the gym!


Things like keeping your house tidy and your blog posts done are important, but so are working out! The feeling you get after a workout is (hopefully) that you are unstoppable, plus you will have more energy to then tidy the house up and do the blog posts in the time of one.

Shift Your Schedule

Take a look at your schedule and decide whether some things could be done together, like running errands. It may sound self-explanatory, however, everyone forgets to buy milk when they’ve gone out to get a ‘Get Well Soon’ card for your boss at work. Write those things down in your shiny new diary and get them done at the same time.

These are a few ways that I found really helped me get 6-7 workouts in a week. Do you think you have enough time? What are your excuses?

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