5 Tips To Help You Bag A Fashion Internship

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While I was wandering the borough of Kensington last week, it dawned on me how lucky I am to get an internship, specifically a fashion internship. Internships/ work experience are essential to get a job in fashion (unless you are Anna Wintours daughter, who ironically never wants to work in fashion), so make sure you get some help. Now I am no expert, this is the only internship I have which is fashion related, the other two are magazines. However, I can put together some tips on landing a fashion internship, after all, I did it and I'm hoping it won't be my last!

1. Know where to search.

The dream internships are on FashionWorkie.com, we all know that. But very few of us land those. If you are serious about a career in fashion, you have to be prepared to work for nothing, which shouldn't be a problem, because the opportunities to network are endless. You need to think outside of the box- What connections does your family have? Who do you know in London? Have you previously worked in retail and could do designing with them? Also, search for small brands like 'marketing fashion *desired city name*' and send them a cover letter insinuating what you're looking for/ what you're expecting and send over your CV. If you don't ask, you don't get.

2. Edit the crap out of that CV.

Yes, they are dull to start but once you have a good base, you can really make it stand out. It's a fashion internship, so get creative. Don't stick the family emoji next to 'Team player', but you could use colour! Yes, go for it, splash some bold and some greys/ pinks on it, or whatever colour scheme you like to make certain words stand out (maybe your most impressive achievement that caters to the job you are applying for) and show some fashion knowledge for goodness sake! Also, use the resources around you, so in my uni I have access to InDesign and it is so much better than word. Just make sure it is clear and not too busy/ cramped nor looks like a legal document your bank would send you. Try to stick to one page, it shows you can prioritise and save the rest of the good stuff for the interview!

3. Kill the cover letter.

If you are at Uni, use the facilities. There will be people who know how to write a cover letter for what you're applying for. Each cover letter should be different but you will get to be a whiz at them and know exactly what to put into it from the internship description (the CV will more or less stay the same but you may want to move skills that are more relevant to the top). If the email address has a name in it, use that. Keep it short, about three paragraphs and boast! This is where you let your 'personality shine' (don't you hate that saying?) but let them know you are enthusiastic about interning there and be bold, add a cheeky sentence at the end, e.g. 'I think I would be a great addition to the team as I love baking red velvet cake for others and have an insane knowledge of Gucci look-a-likes on the highstreet (keep it relevant)! Also, make sure you thank them!

4. Pre-interview prep.

Plan, plan and plan some more. Jot down key words/ things you want them to know about you or think is relevant to the job. Also, plan what you're going to wear, this is a fashion interview after all. Check up on current trends so you can mention you are wearing so and so, inspired by X's latest catwalk. I once was told, 'dress for the brand', so take note. Research the hell out of the company and the interviewer (I personally love a stalk on LinkedIn- guilty!), it won't look creepy, it'll show you have used your initiative and are serious about working there.

5. Interview time.

By now you should be well prepared, if you're not, then that may show how serious you are about a fashion career. Keep eye contact and you should be fine. Smile and use your voice as if you were on the west end (more like a cool, calm Elphaba, not an annoying, high-pitched Glinda) and please have some questions lined up. A good two I always have just incase are asking about the security of the building (safety first) and a question for the interviewer, they love that!

6. Post-interview jobs.

After a few G&T's (or four), you can process what just happened, or forget what you said all together like I do. Send a polite, but still make it YOU email but maybe do that after two gins, not four and remind them how much you'd like the job and how you enjoyed chatting today.

Oops- what a long one! I hope you enjoyed this post and some found it beneficial. Fashion is not easy, but one day soon I hope to write a post called '5 Tips To Help You Bag A Fashion Job', keep
dem goals, right?!

*added a cheeky number 6, surprise!

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