Hans Fitness Diary #4

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Month number four and this month has been crazy. I have been in London with 6:30am starts to make it to Pure in London, which was a small gym under the ground! Then in Dublin I used Crunch Fitness Premier, which was absolutely insane. It was almost like a casino theme and I had a three day trial there. So this month, I have been keeping up with my five day plan but struggling to hit cardio on my rest day. I have noted down all I have missed and will do it at the end of my plan to make up for it.

My Favourite Meal
This month, my favourite meal has been chilli. I use lean mince and all in all it is very clean. If you have it with half basmati rice, half broccoli. Seasoned well, this is one of my favourite meals, ever!

My Favourite Snack
Snacks are almost like small meals for me, in order to keep me going. At the moment, it is actually black coffee. Really! You need to try the Beanies coffee, especially the amaretto and toffee ones. I get mine from Sainsburys.

My Favourite Exercise
I'm back to absolutely loving training legs and butt. My favourite exercise is stiff legged dumbbell deadlifts. I use 16kgs in each hand, do 2 sets of 12 then one until failure, as the plan says. I find that if you don't squeeze at the top, it doesn't hurt as much. Make sure you're squeezing!

Fitness Instagram I'm Loving

Once again, Elle Darby is killing it. Her first bikini competition is about seven weeks away and I am really enjoying following her progress. She shows the ups and the downs, go follow her!

Fitness Worth Noting
Nothing this month, except I have seen/ heard that you can get Nutella flavoured protein powder... Yup.

Fitness Progress
Time to focus on my eating more after a month of on-off. Ibiza is in two weeks, yes I have booked to visit my family for four nights!

If there is anything else you want me to include in these posts, please let me know. Don't forget to follow my motivation Pintrest board here and my fitness board which is full of workouts here. Also, I have created a new fitness Instagram so I can keep my blog Instagram separate (I was unhappy with the mis-mash feed). Go and give it a follow @hanrosefitness (link here).

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