Real Techniques Blush Brush and Powder Brush Reviews

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Real Techniques Blush Brush and Powder Brush Reviews

Real Techniques have been staple brushes of mine for a few years now. The ‘core collection’ was my first set of brushes. So naturally, as a makeup hoarder, I aim to collect all of them. I was in TK Maxx last week and saw both of these in there for £7! £14 for both of them?! I had to buy. Here’s what I think of them.

Real Techniques Blush Brush | £9.99

The only other ‘blush’ brush I have is the MAC 1?? Brush and that has lasted me (and still is) about two years. But I thought it was about time I tried a new one. It’s quite a lot bigger than most of my brushes and has a large tapered point shape. Calling this brush a ‘blush’ brush, in my opinion, is wrong. It should be called the ‘can apply most face products’ brush- it can! A great brush for travelling, as it’s such a good multitasker. I have really got on with this brush so far and have used to apply blush and a little contour. When applying the blush, you need to be careful not to apply too much- the brush is larger than my cheeks!

Real Techniques Powder Brush | £12.99

Similar to my blush situation, I have always sworn by my Chanel Kabuki brush for powder. So I’m sure you would agree that after having that brush for three years, it was time to try something different. This brush is very light and can hold a lot of powder. I’ve been using this to set my foundation and also to apply a nice amount of bronzer to my cheeks and my body, due to its size. This brush is hard to ‘pop’ into your bag, but worth having in your collection.

Both lovely brushes and for £7 each, it was definitely worth picking them up. They are cruelty free and super soft. They are probably my most similar Real Techniques brushes but it’s good to have options when you want to apply powder and blush!

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