Three Ingredients for the Perfect Fake Tan

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This post title sounds like some sort of science project you’d do in year eleven. But I’m telling the truth, it really is three ingredients to achieve a great, natural looking fake tan. I guess perfect isn’t perfect if you want the ‘wotsit’ look, maybe you better stop reading… If, however, you have been searching and searching for an easy way to at least look like you’ve been to Ibiza, read on.

A month ago, I was sent the Dr Organic Moroccan Glow tanning range to try out. It is made up of three products (yes, the magic three ingredients) that of course work best when together so I put them to the test.

Dr Organic Moroccan Glow Body Polish Pre-Tan Exfoliator | £8.99

Firstly, you gotta get rid of all that nasty dead skin. Gross, I know, but true and essential if you want to have a smooth finish. The body polish is thick and contains large beads for you got really scrub away (after you’ve shaved/ waxed!). It is rich with argan oil but does smell a little chemical like. Only slightly, but it does a great job so I can oversee that.

Dr Organic Dark Self Tan Mousse | £14.99

Now if you have been reading my blog for a while, you may know that my only, favourite tan is St Moritz. So I was happy when I received a new tan to try. I applied Dr Organic Self Tan Mousse with my good old (really gross) tanning mitt and surprisingly it came out clear. This was the only negative thing I found about this tan. When it starts drying, it does give you a tan in an instant, which is great for people on the go.    While that’s great, I can’t see where I have and haven’t applied. After sleeping in the tan, I woke up with a gorgeous, natural finish. It lasts for a good few days and I actually haven’t noticed any patchy spots- praise the lord!

Dr Organic Moroccan Glow Body Lotion Tan Extender | £11.99

Personally, I would swap the ‘tan extender’ part with ‘’ as I didn’t notice it extend my tan after three times of the process. It smells exactly like the polish and it quite thick. It is so rich and hydrating and I love thick moisturisers that you can let sink into your skin overnight. So it smells strange but does wonders for keeping the skin hydrated.

All in all, I would highly recommend this tanning range. Would I repurchase this? Possibly, when Holland and Barrett are doing their buy one, get one for 1p?!

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