5 Tips To Help You Slay A Fashion Internship

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I now believe I am in a qualified position to write this post. I have gone, interned and if I do say so myself, slayed my fashion internship. I worked my big butt off while I was there, did everything I could to be impressive and most importantly, memorable (obvs for the right reasons). I know of interns that don’t make the most of their internships. Why the hell not? I don’t know. Maybe the non-existent paycheck most of us get at the end of it has something to do with it, but if it’s what you want, it really shouldn’t affect your performance.

If you are interested in getting into the fashion industry, you’ll most likely need some experience. Where do you find it? Read my previous post that’ll tell you how. That post did well, so I thought I would share with you how to turn your already-impressive fashion internship into something you can be really proud of on your CV.

1. Look like a queen

It’s a fashion internship. Not a midnight trip for some custard creams. Although I made an effort at all the internships I’ve done this summer, I made that little bit more effort for the one in the big smoke. I mean come on; it’s London, one of the fashion capitals of the world. Fashion-based companies will lean towards on-trend fashion in the office. You don’t need to be head-to-toe in Gucci and walk in with you Mums old Prada bag to impress, just be smart. If you see culottes are all over Glamour magazine, wear some. If you know every bloggers and their dogs are wearing chokers (yes, I’ve seen it), wear one. They will notice little things like this, taking subtle notes whether you are presentable or not.

2. Don’t be above anything

There are little things that make a huge difference. If you don’t smile and have permanent resting bitch face, you will be remembered as the bitch intern. Nobody wants that, do they? But aside from smiling, is being courteous. Offer to help with anything and when they see how dedicated and hardworking you are, they will let you do more and more different things. I hauled about 386875 boxes of hangers and dealt with copious amounts of bubble wrap but I was rewarded and got to put together press releases and did more challenging tasks. I got a SUPA (if you don’t know what that it, watch Wild Child, if you do, I salute you) and had to apply some Impulse every hour, but it was so worth it. Even if you think you are above doing the tea and coffee rounds or sitting in an Addison Lee for hours, bloody do it and do it well.

3. Be a social media bad ass

Before, during and after. Social media drives the fashion world and you need to be keeping up with every change. Every fashion companies social media staff have sleepless nights when something like the Instagram stories happens. That means something else to do but they do it, they keep up. You should follow key people in the fashion industry, especially related to the field of work you’re going for and you may be able to slip in something interesting, like who has just landed head of PR at Selfridges, in a conversation. That’s showing you know your stuff. But when I say bad ass, remember anyone can Google you and find out you think that “Bear is a f*cking asshole, leave Chloe alone”(CBB reference for those who don’t know)… So BEAR that in mind (I know, I shouldn’t try to pun).

4. Be Little Miss Organised

Go into the internship with a notebook in hand and write everything down. Maybe not while someone is talking, but when you have a few minutes, write down who asked you to do what so you can remember people and put what you did on your CV and Linkedin. Put you iPhone away, if you X away from this blog post and remember anything, make sure it is leave your phone in your bag. Not turned over on silent, out of sight. I believe it is the height of rudeness if you have your phone out, its WORK. Anyway, aside from remembering all the tasks, be on time. No, be EARLY. I make sure I am 10-15 minutes early every day. This allows you to set up you desk and to start your work on the dot, not at 10-15 past.

5. Make sure you get something out of it

Now its all good me telling you what I think you should do and give to a fashion company, but please don’t give you soul away to the devils. From interning, I met some lovely people with horror intern stories. If you think they aren’t treating you well or your not getting anything out of it, you can go home. You aren’t tied down to a contract (well, most of you won’t be- good on you if you are!) so there is nothing to loose.

Aaand breathe. Sorry for another wordy post, I just have so much to say when it comes to internships! By acting the way I did (being me with a huge open mind), I was welcomed back in November to my fashion internship. Plus, I know it’ll be good for me in the future. I’m still aiming to write a ‘5 Tips To Help You Bag A Fashion Job’ post, watch this space.

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