8 Tips For Being A More Productive Blogger

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Hola bloggers (or others who just fancy reading how us bloggers are to be productive)! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are smashing your Monday goals. Today, I wanted to post about blogging, because I have never done a blogging tips/ tricks/ advice post before. Which is silly, because I consider my blog to be good and I’m pleased with my progress, so I feel I am now in a place to bombard you with my blogging advice!

I personally love reading blogging tips and if I ever see something that’ll help me be more productive, then I will hella click on it. Being productive does take time and practice, trial and error. So after a few years blogging, I have tried quite a few things and have found what works for me. Without further ado, here are my tips shared with you for being a more productive blogger.

1. Set goals
To me, productivity is down to goals. If I don’t have goals set, then what is your motivation to be productive? Set weekly goals in regards to blogging and tick them off as you get them done. This is productive and easy for you to see what you’ve got left to do.

2. Schedule, schedule, schedule
Now I’m not talking about tweets, I’m talking about scheduling time to blog. Think of it like your school timetable, create a spreadsheet and mark where you have free time and make a few hours of the week dedicated blogging time.

3. Get your ass out of bed
If you get up at 8am or later, this applies to you (unless you work nightshifts or have trouble sleeping, I’ll let you off). If you struggle to find another hour a day to blog, this applies to you further. GET UP AND WORK FOR IT. That’s an extra hour of blog writing/ editing you can do if you set your alarm for 7am, make a coffee, get back into bed and work.

4. Shut out the rest of the world
Turn your phone on silent, switch the TV off and turn the music down (and that YouTube tab that’s open on a highstreet haul, turn that off too). If you pick up your phone, I bet the next time you look at the clock you will have lost an hour of blogging time, yes? Think of it like a job if you like, you need to concentrate in order to produce your best work possible.

5. Have a break
Have a Kitkat. Well, if it helps, do. But taking regular breaks while blogging is as important as shutting yourself out from the rest of the world. Pop into your daily plan little breaks here and there in order to satisfy that craving to scroll through Instagram. Also make a coffee, coffee is good.

6. Don’t leave it all till the last minute
This is where mistakes happen. To avoid this, make little notes throughout the week. On the Notes app, jot down blog post ideas when you get them and make bullet points of what you’d like to include. So when you are stuck you can refer back to this for a little of your own inspo.

7. Keep your workspace tidy
You know what they say, ‘Tidy home, tidy mind’, I’m not exactly sure who said that but if sure works. When my bedroom is tidy, that’s one less thing to distract me. I feel fresh and almost cleansed and ready to smash some blogging out.

8. Remember why you are doing this
Going back to the goals, why are you blogging? Why do you want to be more productive? You need to make sure blogging is for you and you are doing it because you love it. Don’t pressure yourself, the more pressure I put on myself, the less productive I am. Blog readers will always be there.

I hope my tips will bring peace to even one persons mind, it is difficult juggling blogging with other things, but if you want to succeed, being productive is key.

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