How To Pack Makeup Products For A Carry On

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Deciding what items of clothing, which pair of black heeled sandals or how many bikinis you can squeeze into each pair of said sandals into a carry on is like pulling up your fave pair of jeans that have shrunk over the years. Difficult and stressful. BUT packing your makeup into a suitcase that couldn’t even fit all of your makeup in is even harder. I’m flying to Ibiza in the early hours of today; in fact I may be sitting by the pool rn. Sorry, bit harsh? It was a £70 return to visit my family for a few nights that are there for SIX weeks… Do you blame me?

Anyway, it has taken me a while to decide what makeup to take in my little carry on… I had to think logically and realistically. So as I was thinking logically and realistically, I noted down some things that could help you fit BOTH pairs of black heeled sandals, yay.

Organise Your Collection
Before you move anything into a makeup bag, organise your own products. You will be able to see all the hot pink lipsticks together so you won’t accidently pack two.

Get A Good Makeup Bag
Think about what you need to take and how much. Look for one with pockets that opens out so you can see everything. Try and choose one what is plastic on the inside so you can wipe clean any mess.

Don’t worry; I’m not going to talk about maths. It is a holiday after all, so you may want the natural look. You may not need your palette of shadows that contain 13 brown shades and your palette that contains browns and colours. It’s a no brainer.

Leave The Pointy Things At Home
You’re going on a short trip, make sure you eyebrows are plucked, legs and bikini line are shaved and don’t forget under your arms!

Pack Everything In The Middle
Pop your makeup bag in near the end and make sure it’s in the middle with plenty of padding around it; this will lessen the chance of anything smashing and defeating the point of this whole post.

Plan Your Colours Around Your Outfits
Make sure you look at the colours of the items you are taking and pick makeup that obviously compliments them. This will ensure you’re not taking a dark blush you won’t use.

Split Dem Liquids From The Solids
It’ll be easier when one of the airport staff shouts in your face “REMOVE LIQUIDS FROM BAGS PLEASE!” Like yes lady, ok, we’re sorry. They don’t half scare me! Remember that mascara is a liquid!

Failing this, you could always spend £20 on a suitcase so you can take your entire collection. But what’s the fun in that? Take items you don’t use as much and get out of your makeup comfort zone (I know we all have one!).

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