Student Series- 10 Things I Forget To Take To Uni

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Congrats if you got into University, this year, last your or ten years ago! I am going to do a few student posts, I have tonnes of advice and tips to share so I am gonna bore you with student things. Todays post will focus on thing your will forget, not think of or will never no you need until you read them on here. You could even use this if you are moving to a new place anytime soon!

When I stepped into my uni halls I was excited, I’d been planning and packing for over a month and was 100% sure I had everything I needed. That was until I attended freshers week and got my Nike’s absolutely wrecked. I forgot to bring essentials; I brought a loo roll from home if needed while we were packing before we did a shop. I mean, yeah, I am an organised freak. But I still forgot things.

So here they are, things you will forget to take to uni, in an attempt to help you out a bit

1. A fab mug
If you go to uni with a single, rubbish, £1 mug. It will stain, chip and smash if you do as little as bump it. Trust me. If you are british, you probably love tea. If you are normal, you probably love coffee. If not, hot chocolate also will make you my friend (I really love hot drinks), but any hot drink must be poured into a good, solid mug. I like Emma Bridgewater and Disney ones

2. Extension lead
Your university room may not have many plugs for your phone, laptop, camera, lamp, fan and whatever else you need to plug in. An extension lead is a must.

3. Spare set of bedding
Yup, I forgot some. So I bought a spare set and before I went to uni, I admit I hardly changed my bed so I didn’t appreciate how amazing a clean bed it. I think I wash my bedding every two weeks; it makes my mood completely change!

4. Smart outfit
If you fall short of money, you will need a smart outfit/ suit for interviews. Or you could go for a student job within uni, like being a president. I wish I took a smart outfit- fancy dress is fab but you never know when you could need a smart outfit.

5. Suitcase
I forgot a suitcase. I needed it every other weekend to visit Chris or home, so yeah, bring a suitcase.

6. Mattress topper
You don’t know who or what slept on the bed before you, so bring a mattress protector and a foam topper- highly recommend.

7. Drawer dividers
These are my fave things. I saw them in Ikea and got the cutlery one for cutlery and more for makeup, jewellery and more. You can stack them up and be organised yay.

8. Old shoes
In case you’re going to every single freshers event, you will probably need old shoes. Just ones you don’t care about will do.

9. Weighing scales
Yes, this is a boring one but until I bought mine to weigh some of my food, I didn’t realise how handy they are. Everyone ended up using them, so I would recommend getting some.

10. Desk light
My uni room didn’t come with a desk light, so low and behold, it was an excuse to buy a copper desk lamp- winning.

What would you add to this list? I’d love to know!

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