Student Series- Choosing A House At University

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My first student series post, 10 Things I Forgot To Take ToUniversity, seemed to be popular, I hope it was helpful to a few new uni students out there. In my University, we were encouraged to house hunt and get the contracts for second year sorted by December. That gave us less than three months to make friends that we were half certain we wanted to live with, go to house viewings and pay the deposit. Now, that doesn’t sound like long, does it? Well it wasn’t.

We actually didn’t get ours sorted until January and then we were lucky to find a spacious, affordable house in a good area. Choosing a house can be tricky. You feel like you’re thrown into the deep end and haven’t got a clue what you’re supposed to be looking for and what even are the do’s and don’ts of choosing a house?! If you are in that position, I’d like to share some house hunting tips that will hopefully guide some of you through choosing a house this year.

Decide Your Housemates Wisely

I was lucky last year, I knew the other girls I was about to spend a year living with. When deciding whom to live with, ask yourself some questions- do I want people on my course living with me? Because personally, it would stress me out. Do you want all girls? Or will there be too many hormones flying around the living room. Avoid living with someone you’re into- it usually doesn’t end well. Are your flatmates the people you want to be with or is it just convenient? If you feel like you haven’t made any friends that you really click with, find people on Facebook. Your university will have lots of posts advertising people to fill rooms, so have a look out on there.

Research The Areas

Make sure you do some digging and find out where the students go and what kind of students go where. Ask second and third years where people go. . It might be the indie scene is your kind of thing with live music or the city centre where the shops and clubs are.

Picking The House

It needs to be within everyone’s budget and taste. Some housemates may not be bothered, but others may. You need to take photos of the house when you’re looking, so you can refer back to them. When I was choosing my bedroom, I wanted light and storage space so I choose the one with the biggest wardrobe and a huge window (for obvious blog reasons!).

I could go on forever chatting to you all about this, but these are some good things to get you going and will help you secure the perfect University house.

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