30 Thoughts Every Girl Has In The Gym

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The gym is somewhere most people have found themselves at least one time in their life. Some venture into the unknown more than others and that’s cool. But there are some things every gal has in common, no matter what their size or experience. That is some thoughts that we have. Whether you’re squatting triple your body weight or doing some incline walking, I bet these statements have crossed your mind…

1. It smells in here, who doesn’t know what deodorant is? Oh wait, is that me?

2. Did I even put on deodorant?

3. I’ll start with a jog to warm up.

4. Am I breathing too loudly?

5. Why is he looking at me? I do not look cute, is my face bright red?

6. How is she running that fast?

7. Plus, how does she look so good running? Do I look like that?

8. What make are her trainers, I need them to run like that.

9. Whoever invented sports bras was obviously having an off day.

10. I’ve only been running for six minutes? What is life?

11. I think I’m melting like the Wicked Witch of the West.

12. Is it possible for a human to sweat from their forearms?

13. I love this song! Is it acceptable to sing here?

14. If I owned a gym, I would make it mandatory.

15. I knew I should’ve taken my foundation off, it’s running into my eyes and it burns.

16. I didn’t bring a towel; I better subtly use toilet paper in the toilets.

17. Crap, I didn’t check whether I had toilet paper stuck to my head.

18. *Walks past a mirror* Is my butt looking perkier yet?

19. Have I taken a swelfie to log this workout? Instagram must know I was working out.

20. Why did I bother coming?

21. If I didn’t eat that packet of custard creams, I wouldn’t even need to be here.

22. I can’t wait to eat after this.

23. I can eat even more after putting myself through this.

24. I may venture into the weights room.

25. How the hell do you use this machine?

26. What do I do? I’ll just copy him.

27. 10kg sounds manageable.

28. Nope, it’s really not.

29. No, abort mission, it’s way too intimidating.

30. *Walking out of the gym* I went to the gym and I am a new woman.
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So there we have it. They are some things that cross women’s minds in the gym, in case you were curious. Gosh girls are a strange species, aren’t they?

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