Student Series- Coping With Change

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When I started College, I was nervous and had to learn how to deal with the changes. From the longer days to all the new people, it took some time. It was the same when I went to University. You know what? It was probably the same when I started Nursery when I was three. The three hours in the morning was way too long for me. The only reason I looked forward to going was the apple and milk time... Did anyone else have apple and milk time at Nursery?

The transition from one step of education to the next can be hard, new surroundings, forming new work and friendship groups isn't always an easy task and doesn't always happen straight away. Not everything will go smoothly and you will struggle- but it's a challenge and that's what life is all about. I have some words of advice for those who are about to go through a change in their education life, so listen up if you are one.

Take some time to chill out.
Once a day step away from the madness of constant fresher’s events and reflect on where you are. Use this time to clearly think about the friends you are making and the decisions in your course you are making. Are they right? If not, change something.

Make your room your own.
Decorating your room is very important. Putting up loads of pictures or fairy lights or cushions to make it homier will then make you feel loads better. Plus everyone will want to come into your room because it’s Tumblr af.

If you don’t have to worry about money, this will make moving to University much easier. Give yourself a monthly allowance and stick to it.

Find people like you.
Join societies and clubs that you are interested in and hopefully you will find likeminded people. You're not going to do this by sticking to your flat mates. Unless one of them is crazy in to blogging like you are, then you will probably become best friends.

Be organised.
If you are organised from the start you will definitely relieve some pressure off of yourself in the future. If you work out how much time a week you should be studying, you know how much time you have to socialise and this can then be guilt-free time to enjoy with your new bezzie mates.

Stay healthy.
As in common sense stuff that a lot of students seem to forget. Like getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet and drinking enough water. Probably more than you feel you should have because of all the alcohol you have consumed.

Remember you have done this before.
Like the first time you stepped in to the hall for Nursery, you've dealt and got through change before, so you can do it again this time.

Good luck with your new change and remember not to over think everything. You are all in the same boat! 

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