The Best Things About Autumn

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While autumn isn't my favourite season (it's winter if you were wondering), it is the start of a new educational year and I feel refreshed and I look forward to it every year. Here are a few reasons why...

The TV

Quite often, series split and October means that they are coming back on. Like my fave, The Walking Dead. Yes yes yes, who was murdered out of the circle? My bet is on Michonne but I hope it's not her. The Apprentice and I'm A Celeb are also gracing our screens soon and I can't wait.


I want to say the Bath and Body Works candles are my autumn go-to's but we don't get them in the UK and I have never actually smelt them... Yankee are my favourites and I love the Halloween and pumpkin ones. In fact, all the cake/ food smelling ones are autumnal staples. If the B&BW candles smell better than Yankee's, I will be surprised.

Hot Drinks

I drink iced coffees when it's hot so when the cold weather starts to come, I down boiling hot drinks all day. Tea and coffee and the occasional pumpkin spiced lattes (this is a post about autumn, I obviously had to mention those) will be consumed this season.

Dark Makeup

I can bring out my MAC Rebel and Media without looking gothic- hurray! Also the berry and purple nails will be painted throughout this season. I'm not sure why deeper colours represent autumn, but they do and I love it.

Knitted Items

Skirts, hats, scarves and jumpers. Add any of these to your outfit and you will look exactly like a girl from Tumblr in the autumn. There is nothing wrong with that. I love an oversized jumper that covers everything because it feels like you're going to Uni with a blanket around you- winning.


The leaves fall off the trees and the ground starts to get icy. I love avoiding them in my huge boots and the colours of the leaves. It reminds me of walking to school when term starts. Fab.

What do you love about Autumn?

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