6 Tips To Become A Car Boot Sale Pro

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After completing my annual car boot sale last month and walking away with a pretty decent amount of cash weighing the right side of my culottes down, it's safe to say I am a car boot sale pro. It didn't happen over night (or a year in my case) and it took some researching and reviewing but I have finally cracked how to deal with every type of situation and person you come to face with at a car boot sale.

I would 100% recommend doing one, especially if you're short on cash like moi poor poor student.  Chris and I went and did one and totally rocked it, meeting and making friends with all walks of life was a lovely perk to the job. This year, I think we made around £140! So if you wanna be a boot sale queen, read ahead.

1. You'll need to research the car boot you're going to. Look it up on Facebook? Is it well attended? How much is it to pitch up? Can you rent a clothes rail/ table? How much space will you have? Also, it's worth asking about lighting because this year I did one in a carpark and when it was light, they turned the lights off, which made it very dark! Plus you need to find out what time you'll need to get there before the people with their flashlights get there and practically climb into your boot.

2. Before you go, make a checklist of all the things you will need to buy and take with you. A flask of coffee is always a good idea, some sandwiches as you'll be on your feet for about 7 hours, some fruit, more snacks and possibly even more. Plastic bags are useful and the day before, go to the bank and change 5-10 pounds into a mixture of small change for your float (that always remind me of a Brownie sale!)

3. When you pitch up, make it look inviting, have all the small things on your table (a table isn't necessary, but we made twice as much this year with one?!) and the larger things on the floor. Fold the clothes that don't fit on your rail neatly on the table. It legit felt like I was working in Hollister. The whole place was dark and I was folding the same pair of jeans ever two minutes!

4. This is a car boot sale, so if you have items you wanna get £5+ for, it's not for you. I was selling clothes for 1-5 pounds max if it was a coat and shoes were £3. When people were looking at my stall, I'd leave them for a few seconds then approach them. That's my sales technique Lord Sugar and it bloody well works. Then, when they ask me how much, I always add 50% on to what I'd be happy with. If they buy it- FAB, if not, you're not loosing out!

5. When the boot sale has died down, have a look at what you're left with. Usually, we go to cash for clothes on the way back and get another £8 for the clothes (a lot less than what you would get at a car boot but if you want it gone it's a great way) and the to the tip for all the books/ junk we have left.

6. BE STRONG. It can be daunting and I feel especially for a woman, but even if you're not confident, act like it. Show the punters who is boss. It's your stall and you're there to make money, not loose it. So be prepared for the locusts with their flashlights at the beginning, they're twats.

Have you ever done a car boot? Would you?

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