Recovering From Exercise

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You know that feeling you get the morning (or two!) after a heavy session at the gym? When you literally can't get up at your usual pace and it takes you twice as long to do anything? They are called doms (delayed onset muscle soreness) and boy do they hurt.

But don't sweat, there are ways of reducing this feeling. Here are my top tips!

Refueling is essential. If you are training, you'll need some good food to nourish your tired and hungry body with. After a workout, I tend to have a carb-based meal- porridge in the morning, rice throughout the day. Also, lots of protein- protein powder with my porridge or chicken/ salmon with my rice. You need to repair those sore muscles and replenish your energy stores!

This is the one I probably get most excited about. Sleeping is so easy, yet most of us take it for granted- you loose body fat while sleeping and it helps repair your body. Need I say more?

Re hydrating is so important. Think about all that water leaving your body. Don't count the water you drink while working out, just keep aiming for 2-3 liters (minus the water you've drank during!) a day. I've been drinking 3 liters for about three months and my skin and body have improved drastically.

Foam rolling is a mystery to quite a few of us. I personally love it. I feel like some people disregard it as a tool to recover because they don't know how to use them. Youtube was my best friend when I was learning and let it be yours. My favourite foam roller is the Aero Sports Pro 2 in 1 Foam Roller* (£20). It has a high density and a low density roller- winning! I prefer the low density for rolling out my lower back (clicks it way more!) and my neck. Since I've had the high density one, it really pushes down at my knots on the sides of my legs, quads and calves, helping get rid of and stiffness and/ or tightness. It also comes with a little bag which is great for taking it to the gym. I would highly recommend getting a foam roller. It's like a real hand massage!

After every workout, I spend a few minutes stretching out my muscles before I can say my workout is complete. My flexibility and posture have  both improved since stretching and also doms have become far less severe since stretching.

I think we are all guilty at times when it comes to recovery and taking the time to look after our bodies post-workout. But little by little, incorporate these things into your routine and you hopefully won't feel those pesky doms the next day!

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