What I'm Wearing This Autumn

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I would love to become a fashion blogger. I simply don't have anyone who's camera savvy (anyone in Bristol who wants to snap me, hit me up) and my boyfriend is in another city most of the week (big up to the Instagram husbands). In the mean time, I write about fashion topics and trends and I love it.

Autumn, to me, is the 'lazy' season. You could put on a skirt and tights, chunky jumper, large scarf and a big coat and not look like a marshmallow. Plus your Nan may moan at you less for wearing dark colours. If you're in need of some inspiration when it comes to autumn fashion, here is what I'll be wearing...

Long Coats

A classic one for autumn, super long coats are back in. Primark have got so many options at the moment, ranging from pink to camel (and not badly priced- £20-£25). From suede to faux-fur, you can wrap up in them, hiding the fact that you are wearing your pyjamas- guilty.


Velvet was allover the catwalk this year (see Prada's show) so I've dug out my red velvet trousers and may have purchased a green velvet, long sleeved top from Primark. Velvet is a lovely trend (even though some people despise the feel!) and I'm glad it's back.

Ankle Boots

I have a few pairs of ankle boots (mostly black!) that I wear daily. I can't pull them off with my denim jeans, but with all my other trousers and skirts and some thick socks, my feet thank me for being warm and stylish.

Pussy Bows

Another trend that I have fallen in love with is the bow trend. The big shirts with pussy bow necklines are a sophisticated trend that has also appeared on dresses. They make my heart melt! I tuck my shirt into some high waisted trousers and voila, a smart, stylish outfit.

Oversized Scarves

The obvious A/W trend that every one loves. There are so many options, it's hard to choose. My favourite are the ones from Zara; soft and affordable. Similar to coats, you can wrap them around you and you're basically going out with your duvet.

Now, I'd like to wear hats, but I'm a student and I can't afford anything new. I recently saw some pom pom hats which were adorable but I'm sure I can hold out until Christmas!

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