100 Budget Blog Post Ideas

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It's all very well having a blog and it's even better when you have a theme. But still, I'm sure, you all now and again hit a wall. You've planned a blog post to go live and are up for scheduling and taking photos, except you have nothing to write about. So you either give up all together or spend hours thinking about an idea for a post and boom, it's the next scheduled day for that post. Blogger struggles much?

Especially when you are low on funds, it's nice to have some backup ideas. Blogging doesn't have to be expensive. You can make it as cheap as you like.

I love reading blog post ideas, especially when they have the words 'cheap', 'budget', 'free', 'student-friendly' in them. So here are 50 Cheap Blog Post Ideas that may just make your day a better one!


  1. Current Daily Makeup Routine
  2. My Top 5 Makeup Brands
  3. Highlighter Collection (or any other product)
  4. What's In My Shower
  5. High End V High Street Makeup
  6. Favourite Lipstick
  7. Top Hair Products For _ Hair (dry/ thick/ straight etc)
  8. My Most Repurchased Product
  9. Current Skincare Routine
  10. Favourite Face Mask (or any other product)
  11. 3 Disappointing Products
  12. Favourite Hairstyles
  13. Nail Care
  14. Going Out Face Of The Day
  15. Your Favourite Dupes
  16. Beauty Horror Stories
  17. Aeroplane Beauty Essentials
  18. Winter Essentials (or another season)
  19. What's In My Makeup Bag
  20. Haircare Routine
  21. High End V High Street Skin Care
  22. Pamper Routine
  23. 5 Lipsticks For Autumn (or another season)
  24. Monthly Favourites
  25. High End Wishlist
  1. Christmas Jumper Favourites
  2. 5 Wardrobe Essentials
  3. Top Online Shopping Sites
  4. Fashion Rules You Follow
  5. My Fashion Icon
  6. 5 Essential Accessories
  7. What's In My Bag
  8. How I Organise My Wardrobe
  9. New In My Wardrobe
  10. How To Style Knee High Boots
  11. 10 Ways To Promote A Fashion Post
  12. Outfit Of The Day
  13. Celebrity Style
  14. Top 5 Types Of Shoes
  15. Mens Fashion Gift Guide
  16. Shopping On A Budget
  17. Fashion I Regret
  18. 1 Item, 3 Outfits
  19. Talk About A Fashion Trend
  20. Look Book With A Theme
  21. Body Type What Works and Doesn't For Me
  22. Favourite Place To Shop
  23. Fashion Haul
  24. Timeless Pieces In My Wardrobe
  25. Fitness Wear

Fitness & Food

  1. Lunch Food Prep
  2. 5 Healthy Snacks
  3. Making Healthy Decisions
  4. Dinner Food Prep
  5. Fridge Essentials
  6. Fitness On A Budget
  7. Current Fitness Routine
  8. 10 Ways To Promote A Fitness Post
  9. Favourite Coffee Shops
  10. Milk V Non-Milk
  11. Holiday Eating Tips
  12. Favourite Fitness Websites
  13. Why I Choose Weights
  14. Fitness Goals
  15. Health Or Fitness Product You're Using
  16. Supplements You're Taking/ Recommend
  17. Favourite Cheat Meal
  18. Meal Ideas For A Date
  19. Favourite Fitness Instagram Accounts
  20. How To Throw A Healthy Dinner Party
  21. Healthy Meal Ideas On A Budget
  22. Free Cardio Ideas
  23. Favourite Fitness Website
  24. Holiday Workout Tips
  25. Favourite Restaurants


  1. A Post Full Of GIFs
  2. Weekly Roundup
  3. 10 Favourite Books
  4. Why You Started Blogging
  5. Run A Giveaway
  6. Travel Guide
  7. Pictures Of My Workspace
  8. Favourite Meals
  9. How I Organise My Blog
  10. 5 Date Ideas
  11. Yearly Goals
  12. A Letter To My Younger Self
  13. 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me
  14. Favourite Blogs
  15. Top Healthy Snacks
  16. How I Motivate Myself
  17. 10 Favourite Movies
  18. Write A Longer 'About Me' Post
  19. Best Comments You've Received
  20. My Dream Job
  21. Camera Equipment
  22. Things I've Learnt From My Mum
  23. Where You'd Like To Travel
  24. Write A Blog Post Ideas List
  25. 10 Things You Can't Live Without
Of course you can change the titles to these post ideas to cater towards your blog. I hope it gives you some inspiration and helps a few bloggers stuck in a rut!

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