20 Things I Hate About Shopping

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Don't get me wrong, I love shopping. But when you combine 'sale' with 'Urban Outfitters', I just can't do it, you hear me? I'm sure some more of you gorgeous shoppers feel the same. Also, I really enjoyed putting GIFs to my 30 Thoughts Every Girl Has In The Gym post, so I thought I would treat ya with 20 more. I don't need to justify a post full of GIFs, do I?

1. Getting stuck behind someone doing 6 mph un the windy multi-storey.

2. Finding a parking space in said car park that isn't a disability or child space.

3. Being told the only other place this top is in stock in an 8 is in Middlesborough.

4. Walking into a shop to be met by two friends who haven't seen each other for a while, get out of my way please.

5. The awkward moment when you have to point out to the sales assistant that the shoes are marked as £29 not £39 as it's coming up on your till.

6. It's so busy in this shop but you feel like you need to try some random stuff on, so you grab three things.

7. Checking for cameras in the fitting room, just because.

8. The lighting in the fitting rooms makes you look like a ghost.

9. When all five employees in the shop have approached you, you feel like telling them to stick a post-it on your back so it only happens once.

10. Looking for one employee for some help and not being able to see anyone.

11. When trying them clothes you get annoyed because they all suck.

12. Hangers lie.

13. Waiting to pay watching the checkout girl scanning one thing per 10 seconds.

14. Standing in a queue with only one sales assistant on tills (poor you, I've been there) while her three colleagues share some light banter near the shoe area.

15. When there's no chair for your boyfriend to sit on.

16. When sizes on hangers are not the real size.

17. A couple getting intimate when I'm trying sunglasses on, excuse me.

18. When it's all over, forgetting to pay your parking ticket at the bottom so you have to queue with all the morons who also forgot.

19. You get home and realise you didn't get anything that you needed, so you turn to internet shopping.

20. The whole process starts again.

*Please don't take this post 100% seriously, there are some things I dislike about shopping, but never hate. Give me Oxford Street Primark and a blind fold and I'd still go in.

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