Christmas Presents For Him Under £30

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Moustache Wax | Cookbook | Gloves | Socks | Shirt | Christmas Jumper | Briefcase | Bike Pump | Headphones | Aftershave

We're getting scarily (not in a bad way I'd like to point out) close to CHRISTMAS. Which means we're getting scarily close to going through the usual present picking and we all know this can get tricky af especially when it comes to boyfriends/ husbands/ boyfriends-to-be/ Dads/ brothers/ men in general.

I like to think the presents I choose for the men in my life are worth my money, so here is a selection of gifts you can give to a man that means a lot but you struggle year after year when it comes to Christmas.

Let me explain the Escape a room craze... So last month, Chris and I went and tried Escape Reality* in Cardiff and oh my would I recommend. It is the perfect present for anyone, but a good one for a male. So the concept is you're locked in a room for an hour and you have to solve various puzzles in order to get out and complete it. We had a go at the Jungala room and it was tricky! Jungala was jungle themed and without giving too much away, there were locks, riddles, numerical problems and more. Unfortunately we didn't make it out (boo we were so close!) but it was a great activity to do and a member of staff showed us the final step in order to get out. If we had a measly five more minutes, we could've done it!

The staff at Escape Reality were welcoming and chatting and there is a small bar in the waiting area, which is industrial and urban themed. I have heard a lot about these types of companies and would go back and try another room in a heart beat- we are planning our trip to the next one as I type! They have a few around the country, check them out here.

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