2017 Blogging Goals

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Whoops, bit of a late post today, I had an exam this afternoon so was focusing on that all week. It went all to plan so I'm happy. I'm also a bit late writing and posting my 2017 goals, but anyway, here they are.

Goals goals goals GOALS. We've heard that word a lot this year. In songs, memes and in passing. To me, goals are rather a big deal. I set my own, personal goals to smash them, I like to work towards a target. So this year, as I am graduating and will hopefully (note to self- don't look back at this 10 feet under work and laugh) have more time to focus on my blog and would like to work towards the following goals.

Goal 1: Post 2 blog posts per week

This was a goal of mine last year, which I set loosely and unofficially (unofficially meaning I didn't put it in a blog post!) and I almost achieved it. I missed a few posts due to University work and holidays etc, but I still managed to do more than I did the previous year. This year, I want to do this, no excuses. I will achieve this by writing the blog posts in advance. I currently plan them in advance, but I don't write or take the photos far in advance.

Goal 2: Reach 3500 followers on Twitter

My personal goal last year was 2000, which I achieved a little in advance. I will work on growing on Twitter by keeping up my engagement with other bloggers. Also, twitter chats helped me a lot last year but I'm struggling to find the time in the evenings to join in. *Mini goal- join in at least 1 twitter chat a week*

Goal 3: Reach 650 on Bloglovin

Bloglovin isn't something I have ever paid particular attention to, but I have been active on in for maybe a little over a year. So to be currently on 562 is pretty damn good if you ask me. So setting a goal of 600 is hardly unmanageable if I try. Anyone got an posts/ tips on how to grow on Bloglovin?!

Goal 4: Reach 3000 followers on Instagram

Ah Instagram, the app that messed all smaller bloggers up when it did it's big algorithm update, cheers for that! But I have found a fab way (which I may do a post on if it keeps working!) over the past week that has gained me over 30 followers in the last few days. If I keep that up, I will smash this years target! *Mini goals, save 3 posts per week & share bloglovin link once a day

Goal 5: Reach a DA score of 28

DA used to give me nightmares, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I need to do some more research into this but currently my DA is 22, which I'm pretty proud of. Onwards and upwards, yes?

*EXTRA mini goals: comment on three blog posts per day

Things like photography, editing, layout and writing will (or should?!) get better over the next year. I am excited to find out what 2017 has in store for my little corner of the internet and me but judging by some opportunities that came to me last year and in December especially, it will be fabulous!

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