How To Make Healthy Decisions

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We are one month into 2017 and I am personally not missing its predecessor one tiny bit. I am, however, planning ahead for this year and so far it’s looking busy: full of deadlines, trips away and events. While I’m super excited to find out what this year has in store for me, I need to remember to look after myself. Now it may seem selfish, but how am I supposed to look after those around me without looking after myself first?

Here are some ways you can make healthy decisions without breaking the bank or taking up too much time.

Self-checks and health assessments

Many people encounter difficulties when it comes to self-assessing their health. There can be a number of reasons for this. Upon detecting a health concern, it is common to simply ignore it. Or to Google is and start reading about the worst possible outcomes (has anyone else done this numerous times?!). This can be down to personal embarrassment or through a fear that what you have discovered could be something serious.

Now people, it’s completely natural to feel uneasy about a health concern or irregularity, but you must ensure that you get the help you need, and more often than not there will be nothing to worry about. Never feel as though you are wasting a GP’s time by getting something checked, and you should never feel embarrassed about a health concern. They have seen whatever it is you’re worried about thousands of times. Familiarise yourself with ‘red flag’ symptoms.

It can also be hard to remember to carry out routine checks. Set personal reminders to counteract this and ensure you are using an appropriate method for detection. Both men and women should check for unusual lumps and bumps on a regular basis. Remember that the sooner you get a concern seen to by a doctor, the sooner your health will be to getting back to normal.

Perform regular activity

It is recommended that everyone does at least 30 minutes of exercise a day minimum. The thought of spending half an hour each day slaving away on a treadmill sounds pretty crazy to me, so I like to mix it up and create a plan full of my favourite activities. I love jogging outside when it’s warmer, hitting the gym and weightlifting daily, and yoga in my bedroom. The list is endless. But remember, 30 minutes is just a rough guide, and the amount that you should ideally be doing will vary depending on your personal needs and goals. You should talk to your GP to get tailored advice on what you need to be doing to improve your health.

There are many benefits to regular exercise. Aside from making you physically fitter and healthier, it can improve your mental health and prevent the development of diseases. You can also turn it into a social activity. By choosing a fun activity with a group or some friends, you can make exercise feel less like a chore and you may meet new, likeminded people. Collaborating with others and providing motivation for each other can also help you stick to your goals.

Eat a healthier diet

Yaaas, food! Combine your new exercise routine with a healthy diet. This means making reasonable substitutes to your daily intake. If you usually drink alcohol regularly, and particularly if you often consume above the recommended allowances, you should start to notice some immediate improvements. These can include being able to get a deeper sleep (I personally love sleep, I’m all for longer, deeper sleep), experiencing sustained and boosted energy levels throughout the day, having better concentration, and a brighter mood. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and contains high calorie levels, so a cutting back will also benefit your waistline and skincare.

Drink more water to stay hydrated and maintain your body fluid levels. I like to always carry a litre bottle with me (pink of course) and just sip on that throughout the day. Don’t forget to always include a portion of fruit and vegetables with your meal, cut out junk food snacks during the day, and ditch processed foods in favour of fresh produce where possible.

Stay positive

Although I am a positive person, I sometimes experience periods when it can be hard to maintain a positive outlook. One of the best ways to go about lifting yourself from lethargy is to socialise and get out of the house. Spending more time with friends and giving yourself the opportunity to meet new people can improve your self-esteem and eradicate feelings of isolation and anxiety. It is also hugely beneficial for your mental health to discuss your concerns with those around you.

Sharing stresses can provide a great sense of relief, and also give you a fresh perspective on your problems. You may find that you are often getting worked up over nothing once you have talked things through with someone who can see the situation from a vantage point stripped of the emotional entanglement. If you still have concerns or are finding that your negative mind set is lasting for an extended period of time or becoming too much to handle alone, talk to your GP. Mental health should not treated as a taboo subject and there is a great deal of support available to you. There are always people there for you, you’re not alone.

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