Life update and blogs future

Here's a picture of a 60s girl with some amazing gogo boots, just because.
I have finished university. Three years have been and gone and I have come out with less money than I started with, no job, but a strong head on my shoulders- I know what I want. In order to finish, I had to take a break from blogging because of my workload and oh boy did it do me good.
*To those who are wondering whether to take a break from blogging- do it.

After a two month blogging hiatus, I am planning on something big. You could call it a rebrand, I would go as far as saying it is a rebrand of myself too. What's been going on in my life has made me see the world a little differently, aka, life is short. Use the time you have to your advantage or you will only regret it.

All week I have been reading posts and watching videos on moving from Blogger to Wordpress (sorry blogger, my old friend). After conducting my final journalism project on Wordpress, it has given me the knowledge to use to way more effectively than Blogger. My project has also given me more inspiration for content.

So that is my plan, to rename and redesign my platforms, to write about things that matter and to enjoy it more, not viewing it as a chore. Before my blogging break, I was so bored of writing the same old posts over and over again only to see streams of them on bloglovin. That's not to say I won't be blogging about subjects that other bloggers are writing about, but I have so many new content ideas to implement onto my new website, it's time to bring something fresh to this blog.

Expect style posts, health and fitness, love and sex and empowerment and of course what it all started with, beauty.

I am hoping to launch by the beginning of next week (the 8th...ish) as long as the "move" goes smoothly.

Thank you for sticking by Hannah Rose, but as I close one chapter of my life and open the next, it's time for my blog to come with me too.

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